Hough Bakery

This series of photographs as made in the spring of 2011. I hope some day to return to photograph the buildings after renovation for some new use. Hough Bakery was a part of my life as a child between 1950 and 1966, and that of my children from 1970 until its closing.

Hough Bakeries - 1519 Lakeview Road
Hough Bakeries – 1519 Lakeview Road
Hough Bakeries - Oven
Hough Bakeries – Oven
Hough Bakeries - Test Kitchen
Hough Bakeries – Test Kitchen
Hough Bakeries - Offices
Hough Bakeries – Offices
Hough Bakeries - Stables
Hough Bakeries – Stables
Hough Bakeries - Stables
Hough Bakeries – Stables



15 thoughts on “Hough Bakery”

  1. When I taught at Kirk Jr. High, I had a student in my homeroom for 2 years whose mom worked at the Hough Bakery thrift shop associated with this facility. Needless to say, I had a reliable supply of (sometimes misshapen) baked goods.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Cary. I loved going to the retail store where they gave children pieces of the broken cookies! They tasted the same as the unbroken ones, and the price was right!

  3. I also grew up with Hough Bakery and miss it to this day I remember my mother doing a tour of the bakery and bringing home a cardboard basket with a lid that said Hough on it. My sister and I loved to play with it.

  4. I recall visiting Hough with my Brownie troop. I learned one important fact: icing is mostly Crisco! But boy did that food taste wonderful.

  5. Other bakeries included J. Spang and Laub Baking. My father worked for Modern Baking which only sold to restaurants and institutions. Modern was located on St. Clair and was owned by a Greek family. Their relationship with the Greek restaurant owners served them well. I still think Modern Baking’s plain fried cake donuts were the best I ever had!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Len. Great seeing you here. Thanks for sharing your memories. I hope you will stop back often. Happy holidays!

  6. I miss the Hough Bakery and find it sad that my grandson will never know the taste of the Hough birthday cake, luckily, my son did!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I am pleased that the images brought back good memories. Archie, the former baker at Hough, operates Archie’s Bakery on Lake Shore Boulevard, and has similar formulas to those of Hough Bakery.

  7. My memories are of E55 and Broadway … I remember my mom taking me “down to Broadway ” on a sled! Must have been winter…She didn’t drive then…Hough was on the corner as we shopped…They also had a counter in Gillombardos supermarket…My aunt and cousin would always get me something awesome…loved the custard cups!

  8. I surprised my dad with a cake from Archies bakery in Cleveland (he was a baker for Hough ) my dad said it tastes exactly as he remembers the Hough white cakes.

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