Current Projects

The Death and Rebirth of the Midwest Industrial City

This project focuses on what remains from the hay-days of the engine that drove this country's economy - the industrialized mid-west. While some once vital industrial properties have been razed, and others boarded up, some have been reborn for a higher use. The focus of the photographs is not limited to the manufacturing plants, although they are at the heart of the story. All facets will be included. Click here to view The Death and Rebirth of the Midwest Industrial City, a work in progress.

Saint Luke's Hospital

This project chronicles the rebirth of historic Saint Luke's Hospital. Built in 1927 and closed in 1999, the property is being restored to its previous magnificence and will provide affordable housing for the elderly of the Buckeye area. The first two phases of the three phase project are now open, and includes 137 apartments. Phase III will add commercial space. See progress here.

Cleveland's Cultural Gardens

This project examines each of the nationality's gardens, the beauty of the parkland in which the gardens are located, and Doan Brook that winds its way through the parkland. See progress here.